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Staying Fit During Retirement in Albany

When you’re keeping fit, you’re moving your body:  muscles, heart, and bones. You’re pumping blood and oxygen where it needs to go, so that you can keep on breathing, laughing, learning, and enjoying every moment of your life. That’s what healthy aging is all about—feeling strong and independent. Retirement in Albany, New York, is the […]

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The Steps Senior Living Communities Take to Control Infections

In times past, chicken soup might have been the prescription for avoiding a virus and staying healthy. COVID-19 has created a whole new reality. These days, being able to control infections requires continuous attention to sanitation, social distancing, proper cleaning methods and more. This is especially true in senior living, where being in control of […]

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How Senior Living Communities Maintain High Standards of Cleanliness

Keeping a senior living environment clean and sanitized has always been a priority for communities and caregivers alike. However, the challenges associated with Covid-19 raised disease control vigilance to a new level, resulting in even more meticulous detail to senior living cleanliness. Senior living cleanliness: Maintaining the highest standards Simply put, cleanliness matters—a lot. The […]

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When Home Is No Longer Safe for an Older Loved One: A Home Safety Checklist

Watching a parent or other loved one navigate the aging process can be difficult. You’re accustomed to things being a certain way and change is something few of us welcome easily. Yet, home safety for older adults is an important issue. The sooner you accept the reality of aging, the smarter you can be about […]

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Why Good Nutrition Is So Important for Older Adults, and What It Might Mean When They Overlook Their Own Diet

It’s been said, “you are what you eat.” As we age, that’s especially true, as maintaining a wholesome diet becomes more and more important in order to stay active, involved, and well. Unfortunately, proper nutrition in older adults also can become more difficult to obtain for a variety of reasons. Nutrition in older adults: What […]

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Nutrition Labels 101: Making Sense of the Facts for Better Senior Nutrition

If you find yourself in the grocery aisle wondering what nutrition labels on food items are saying, you’re not alone. It can be confusing. Here’s a way to key in on the most pertinent information, along with insights into how the older adult in your life can benefit from healthy eating. Deciphering Nutrition Labels: 3 […]

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