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3 Benefits of Working With a Personal Trainer

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As we get older, maintaining our physical health and well-being is essential. Exercising regularly has countless benefits, including easing joint pain and improving strength, flexibility and balance, all which make daily activities much easier. Additionally, not only does an effective workout routine help prevent dementia and Alzheimer’s, but it can also help slow the progression of the disease.

Working with a personal trainer is one of the best and safest ways for seniors to make sure they’re getting enough exercise and meeting their fitness goals.

Why Hire a Personal Trainer for Seniors?

Why consider working with a personal trainer when there are gyms on every corner? The most important benefit is accountability. Many people want to make changes when it comes to fitness but have trouble committing. A personal trainer can help keep you on track and motivated to keep going when you want to give up.

Here are three additional benefits to working with a personal trainer:

  1. Age-appropriate exercises. Senior fitness trainers have a deep understanding of the unique challenges we face with coordination and balance as we get older. For example, a workout routine for a 25-year-old is likely inappropriate for someone in their golden years. Plus, an older adult probably doesn’t want to have “killer abs.” Instead, a senior fitness trainer can recommend a fitness plan that improves flexibility, balance and core strength.
  2. Safety. Injury is a major concern with seniors and going to the gym can pose a risk if you go alone. Performing exercises improperly can lead to a fall, and using equipment incorrectly can also lead to injury. A personal trainer would be standing right next to you to make sure you have proper form and teach you how to use the equipment. Additionally, trainers who specialize in working with seniors have professional knowledge of exercises to accommodate limited mobility and balance to prevent injuries.
  3. Personal attention. Your trainer works with you one-on-one, offering you a customized fitness plan for older adults that accounts for your capabilities, preferences and needs. Instead of a cookie cutter approach often seen in exercise classes, your trainer can recommend certain stretches and exercises that are perfect for you. As you make progress, your trainer can add new exercises, suggest modifications, or increase the intensity.

Maintain an Active Lifestyle at Peregrine Senior Living

Whether you are looking to prevent Alzheimer’s disease or looking for ways to manage a recent diagnosis, Peregrine Senior Living is here to help. Our exceptional memory care programming is designed to encourage residents to search for validation, fulfillment and purpose. Take a few minutes to learn more about The Peregrine Way™ and to contact us to schedule a tour of one of our communities.

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