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5 Tips for Adjusting to Assisted Living

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For seniors moving to an assisted living community, it’s very common to experience a bit of nervousness and anxiety before the move. Change is difficult for anyone at any age, and it’s important to remember that there will be an adjustment period as you settle into your new home. Keep reading to discover five tips for adjusting to an assisted living community.

Embrace Your New Life at Your Assisted Living Community

First of all, you should take a nice, long, deep breath. The hard part is over! Once you’ve finished unpacking, you can finally rest easy. But, if you have the first-day jitters, there are some things you can do to jumpstart your new life and embrace all that assisted living communities have to offer.

1. Meet with Other Residents

First and foremost, you’re going to want to make some new friends! Visit common areas and start conversations. Stop by your new neighbor’s place and introduce yourself. Don’t be shy. These people were all in the same place you are at one time.

2. Invite Your Family to Visit

Once you are settled, invite all of your extended family to come visit. Once the initial visit is out of the way, they will feel much more comfortable stopping by for an afternoon, for dinner or to take you out shopping.

3. Try Something New

You’re probably thinking you’ve had enough change! But, one of the biggest benefits to living in an assisted living community is taking advantage of the services and amenities offered on-site. Take up a new hobby or reignite an old passion. Engaging in new activities is a great way to meet new people and keep growing in mind, body and spirit.

4. Stay Active

Don’t let the stress of a move change your routine. There are usually a variety of exercise classes offered on-site or outdoor areas for you to continue doing the physical activities you used to love. And now, you can try some new things to get your heart pumping in a safe and supportive environment.

5. Explore Your Assisted Living Community

Many assisted living communities are conveniently located in bustling areas with a lot to see and do. Make sure you take time to visit your new surroundings and explore. Many assisted living communities provide transportation to some of the more exciting things going on in the neighborhood.

Services and Amenities: What Does Assisted Living Provide?

Remember, one of the reasons you chose the assisted living community you did, is because of all they had to offer. Don’t let fear or anxiety stop you from exploring all that’s available.

Some of the services and amenities you might be interested in include:

  • Restaurant-style dining options
  • Dedicated chapel
  • Activity programs and events
  • Open spaces and courtyards
  • Beauty parlor
  • Full-service activity kitchens
  • Monthly parties or scheduled events
  • Movies
  • And more

Comfortable Senior Care at Peregrine Senior Living

Peregrine Senior Living pioneers the way for our valued seniors in their search for purpose, validation and fulfillment. Our life-affirming culture sets us apart and helps our residents find continued growth, exploration and learning by focusing on what remains instead of what was lost. That’s the Peregrine Way®, and you will only find it at our memory care community. Learn more.

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