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6 Surprising Facts About Today’s Memory Care

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What is a memory care community really like? You might be surprised how uplifting and rewarding today’s modern communities can be. Now, more than ever, an older adult with Alzheimer’s disease or other forms of dementia can live a life of meaning with a sense of community, choices, and fun. This is especially true at Peregrine Senior Living, where our unique approach to memory care—The Peregrine Way™—helps improve the quality of life for residents and their families through unsurpassed care.

The good news about today’s memory care communities

  1. Welcome to the neighborhood. In most modern memory care settings, residents live in designated small neighborhoods that provide a comfortable, soothing atmosphere. There’s a sense of community, while still allowing a resident to enjoy some independence. Activities bring residents together with their neighbors in casual groups and caregivers are able to develop close relationships with each person.

Each residence within the memory care neighborhood is designed to reinforce that feeling of home and caregivers become like family. For example, at Peregrine Senior Living, we work with residents to create a safe-box of keepsakes to calm, stimulate and lift their spirits. It’s just one of the ways we work to connect your loved one’s treasured past to the present. 

  1. The great outdoors. Fresh air and sunshine can work wonders and today’s memory care environments are paying attention. Most feature secure outdoor garden areas that allow residents to benefit from being outside, as well provide a positive option for visits with family members. In fact, bringing residents with cognitive impairments into natural environments such as secure courtyards and garden spaces can help improve attention, awareness, verbal and nonverbal expression, and sleeping patterns.

At Peregrine, when the weather is right, our memory care residents regularly benefit from being outdoors. Hearing a bird sing, smelling fresh flowers, feeling the sun on their face—sensory experiences can touch long-held memories and help preserve what makes your loved one unique.

  1. Smart design. You may have heard the term “purpose-built design” and wondered just what it is and how it benefits an older adult with dementia. Designing with purpose means the entire physical environment of a memory care setting is intended to encourage and support independence, engagement, and safety. What does that mean?

Less noise. Better lighting. Bright, solid colors and simple textures. Hallways designed for safe wandering with appropriate visual cues. Allowing more natural light in to help maintain healthy sleep cycles and reduce agitation. Relaxing dining areas with consistent furniture placement and tabletops designed for ease of use. Smart design considers every aspect of the memory care environment and makes it work for the health and safety of each individual.

  1. Family involvement. When a loved one is facing Alzheimer’s disease or another form of dementia, it affects the whole family. Today’s memory care communities go to great lengths to not only communicate regularly with families, but also include them in a host of activities and programs. At Peregrine Senior Living, we are interested in improving the quality of life for not only your loved one, but for your entire family. That’s why we have an entire host of family support services. 

From informational seminars to sensitivity training to increase empathy, your loved one and family are fully embraced at every Peregrine memory care community.

  1. Specialized therapies and activities. Respecting the preferences of a resident. Finding activities to do with, not to a person. Creating experiences that use a person’s meaningful past to help forge a brighter present and future. It could be music therapy. Pet therapy. Spiritual programs. Listening to classic radio programs. Through The Peregrine Way™, all the memory care activities we offer are designed to help foster engaging new experiences that are familiar to the long-term memories where your loved one resides.

A whole-person approach, tailored to who your loved one is, and what has meaning for them: memory care today takes a very personal approach that reflects choice, dignity, respect, and a sense of independence.

  1. Wellness/exercise. A person with dementia gains the same kind of benefits from regular exercise as anyone else, including improved cardiovascular fitness, strength and endurance. And in today’s memory care, your loved one can participate in group activities that get them moving in positive ways. Chair aerobics. Dancing. Beating a drum in music therapy. Walking in a secured garden. Stretching. Even bowling, shuffleboard, or croquet!

And when it comes to wellness, in memory care at Peregrine Senior Living, your loved one benefits from nutritious and delicious dining, served in a calm and comfortable atmosphere. Caregivers are right there to assist each person and help ensure a positive experience.

A Fresh Perspective on Memory Care. Peregrine offers comprehensive memory care as well as unique assisted living opportunities. We are your partner throughout the senior care experience. Contact us today. And download our free guide, Supporting Your Aging Loved One: Caregiver Tips & Tools.

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Stephen Sarsfield Bowman

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