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8 Tips When Searching for Senior Living

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A new year can be your inspiration to enjoy every moment and live life to the fullest. What better time to give yourself the freedom of a carefree, rewarding lifestyle filled with possibilities? As you start searching for senior living, here are some tips for how to make the most of your time, and get the results you desire.

Searching for a senior living community: 8 tips

  1. Decide what you need now, and in the future. No one has a crystal ball. But as you begin searching for senior living, you want a clear idea of what level of assistance you need now, and what you’d like to know will be there in the future if needs change. For example, assistance with dressing or bathing, managing medications, or other daily activities. At Peregrine Senior Living, we believe that no matter the level of care needed, everyone has the ability for a more fulfilled life supported by personal growth.
  2. Think about what you want. Choosing a senior living community can be an exciting adventure—you want a retirement address that will inspire, nurture, and also entertain you. So consider what matters most to you:  dining that offers a variety of chef-inspired entrees in a gracious setting? Outdoor courtyards for events and barbecues? A salon and spa? Also list services that are important to you, such as housekeeping, maintenance, and transportation. 
  3. Come up with a budget range. Review your current monthly budget to get an idea of what you can afford to pay for senior living. Remember that many expenses will be included in your monthly fee, such as taxes, utilities, meals, maintenance. Also do some homework on possible financing options. For example, Veterans benefits, life insurance conversion, long-term care insurance, and so on. At Peregrine Senior Living, we’d be happy to help you sort through the details.
  4. Look online at websites and reviews. The world is online these days, and so are a lot of great sources for the “inside” information on everything from A to Z. As you continue searching for senior living, check out each community’s website. Read reviews from residents and family members. Do a search with the community’s name to see if there are news stories that mention it. Virtual detective work can help you make comparisons before you even visit.
  5. Ask others you know. Talk to your friends and family. People in your place of worship. Members of the bridge club. Buddies at the golf course. Ask your physician, your attorney, and your neighbors. You may find that someone who has direct experience with a particular community and is glad to share their thoughts. 
  6. Choose a location that works for you. Do you want to be within a few miles of your family?  Within walking distance to a favorite coffee shop? Maybe there’s an area that appeals more to you because of a lovely park. Consider your proximity to what frames your world.  
  7. Visit in person or virtually. The proof is in the pudding. As you continue searching for senior living, narrow down your list to a few favorites. Arrange an in-person or virtual visit so that you can see for yourself what life is like there. It’s the best way to get a feel for the ambiance, the size and design of the residences, the grounds, and more. If possible, have a meal or two at the community.
  8. Review what you’ve learned and visit again. Give yourself time to digest the information you have collected. Then visit again and again. Every place has its own personality. The more you learn about a senior living community, the easier it will be to decide if you would feel comfortable living there. At Peregrine, we not only recognize what makes each resident unique, we shine a light on it.

Searching for senior living?  Peregrine is transforming the aging process.

As one of the top senior living companies, Peregrine is challenging the status quo of the industry to uncover a more meaningful way to serve everyone who calls our communities home. We call it The Peregrine Way™®. Our communities are more than just a place to live, they’re a home where you can thrive. Enriching lives through remarkable care services: At Peregrine Senior Living, we welcome your interest! 

We invite you and your loved ones to visit us in person or online and see what we mean. Contact us today. And download our free guide, Supporting Your Aging Loved One: Caregiver Tips & Tools.

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Stephen Sarsfield Bowman

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