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Something very exciting is going on in assisted living, and it’s something every senior will want to know. Senior living communities are reimagining what assisted living can be, and what it will be. Many of these changes are being incorporated right now, while others are still on the drawing board. But even those innovations yet to come offer compelling reasons why assisted living can be an excellent option right now.

Assisted living for the future:  new opportunities abound

If you are weary of home upkeep and you’d like a supportive lifestyle that frees you to get the most out of life, you’re a great candidate for assisted living. This carefree lifestyle option offers the comforts of home with no daily maintenance or chores—that’s all done for you. Instead, you are free to make new friends, engage in stimulating activities, volunteer, learn new hobbies, travel, or anything else you choose. All with the peace of mind of having assistance with daily living activities if needed. 

But the future holds even more reasons why assisted living could be right for you :

  • Better use of the outdoors.

At a recent International Council on Active Aging Forum, industry experts discussed how outdoor features in assisted living settings, including sidewalks, gardens, paths and recreation, are as important as indoor spaces. New outdoor ideas include moveable walls, designated areas with healthcare technology to allow for outdoor attention and privacy, and better use of patios and balconies. Assisted living for the future will find new ways for residents to get the benefits of the outdoors.

  • More involvement of families in events and programs.

Today’s assisted living communities are finding more ways to include family members in everyday life. Events like birthday parties, holiday celebrations, concerts and theatrical presentations, exhibitions of resident art and memorabilia, and more bring everyone together. Moving forward, you will see more intergenerational opportunities on the activities calendar, so that grandchildren can become more frequent visitors.

  • Technology that helps protect, inspire, and entertain.

Technology already plays a major role in how seniors stay connected, both inside and outside retirement communities. In future assisted living, this will be even more true. Some examples are resident portals for contacting other residents and staff, checking the day’s events, and receiving other information. More use of telehealth will make staying well easier, as will wearable smart technology, like smartwatches, that allow seniors to monitor their health, track their fitness level, and contact emergency services if needed. 

  • More sophisticated lifelong learning opportunities.

Seniors who choose assisted living are usually seeking a more carefree, supportive style of life—one that continues to offer intellectual stimulation and enjoyment. That’s why you see a full activities calendar in most assisted living settings, with educators and experts speaking and making interesting presentations. Peregrine Senior Livingpartners with local colleges and organizations to provide a lecture series on a wide variety of topics that can be shared with family and friends. This trend will only increase and include even more opportunities for lifelong learning.

  • Even greater emphasis on wellness.

Lifelong wellness has always been a major goal for seniors and in the future, will take center stage as never before. According to a survey by the International Council on Active Aging, 60% of respondents said their retirement community will be based in a wellness lifestyle by 2023. Assisted living for the future will make a strong effort to incorporate care, events and an overall atmosphere that recognizes wellness goes beyond physical health. For example, Peregrine Senior Living strives to celebrate every person’s unique traits by encouraging spiritual, intellectual and emotional growth. Preventive, proactive care and an emphasis on the entire person—mind, body and spirit—will be a standard of assisted living programming for the future. 

  • More specialized staff for more personalized care.

One of the great selling points of assisted living is that everything you need is right there: a comfortable residence, 24-hour care and attention, meals, services that free you to enjoy each day, social opportunities and more. Assistance with daily activities is a major benefit, and in assisted living of the future, that assistance and care will continue to expand. Access to counselors, massage therapists, nutritionists, personal trainers, physical therapists, podiatrists, and more will become much more common. The focus will be on creating a personal care experience for each resident. Already an excellent lifestyle option, tomorrow’s assisted living promises to offer even greater benefits and advantages.

We’re changing expectations for the aging process by shining a light on what makes each resident unique. 

Contact us today with any questions you might have about senior living, and download our free guide: Motivated Living – What are the “Blue Zones” and how can they help you live a more independent, happy life.

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Stephen Sarsfield Bowman

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