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Flu Shot and Prevention Tips for Seniors

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No one wants to get the flu. Just hearing the word is enough to make you cringe. And for children and seniors, the risks of catching it are even higher. This contagious respiratory illness can lead to mild or severe symptoms, and in some cases can even be fatal.

Older adults have weaker immune systems and, in some cases, so do their caregivers. So, it’s extremely important to get the flu shot early. It takes two weeks for the vaccine to fully develop in the body. By getting your flu shot and taking important steps to preserve your immune system, you can greatly reduce your risk of developing the flu this season.

Flu Prevention Tips for Seniors

There are variety of flu and germ prevention tips for seniors that can help you from falling ill this winter season. Even just following a few of these tips can help you avoid flu germs.

  1. Get your flu shot – yes, we had to say it again!
  2. Also, encourage all of your family and friends to get the flu shot as well.
  3. Wash your hands often and be sure it’s for a full 20 seconds.
  4. Stay active and aim for 30 minutes of exercise a day.
  5. Sanitize everything around you – your phone, electronics, remote control, keys, steering wheel, etc.
  6. Avoid large crowds as much as possible, especially airports.
  7. Stay hydrated and increase your vitamin C intake.
  8. Avoid anyone who has recently been sick or is showing symptoms of illness.
  9. Keep your house clean and free from germs by cleaning frequently.
  10. Try your best to keep your hands away from your face and mouth at all times.

While these tips are essential in preventing the flu, they are helpful habits to get into all year-round. Germs are always out there and seniors need to do everything they can to avoid getting sick now and in the upcoming flu season.

Ways to Avoid Spreading the Flu Virus

In the event that you do end up catching the flu bug, do everything you can to take care of yourself and avoid spreading the germs to those around you. First and foremost, visit your doctor for prescription medication as soon as possible. Be sure to wear a medical mask at your appointment and inform staff members immediately that you are displaying symptoms of the flu.

Avoid spreading the flu virus by washing your hands often, sanitizing things you touch and throwing away your toothbrush, tissues or anything else that may be infected. Use a dehumidifier to help with nighttime coughing and increase your intake of fluids. Most importantly, remember that you are still contagious for up to 5 days after your symptoms subside so you can never be too careful to avoid spreading the flu to others.

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