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How Senior Living Can Free You to Enjoy Life More

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Cue the fireworks! Celebrating our nation’s independence in July is something we all enjoy, whether it’s watching a parade, hearing patriotic music, or savoring a grilled hotdog. It’s also a great time to consider how a Peregrine senior living community can free you to not just live a longer life, but a longer and healthier life—one that gives you a sense of purpose—and one you can enjoy more than ever!

Enjoying Senior Living That Frees You in So Many Ways

Living in a supportive assisted living environment with no home upkeep or worries of daily tasks, you can use your newfound free time to keep growing mentally, spiritually, and socially. We call it The Peregrine Way™, and we think it will surpass your expectations for what is possible. For example:

  • Being inspired every day

Carefree, modern senior living can give you the freedom to dream as big as you choose, and the resources to help make it come true. Maybe it’s a new goal, or maybe it’s one you’ve kept hidden for a long time… let your imagination soar and your curiosity be your guide!

  • Benefiting from on-site health and wellness

What could be a better setting for this exciting phase of life than an environment dedicated to your health and wellness? Delicious dining crafted to meet nutritional needs. Fitness opportunities to help you stay strong, active and independent. A positive, nurturing approach to life like The Peregrine Way™, focused on your comfort, care, and happiness.  And always the knowledge that should your health hit a bump down the road, you’re in a setting with a care team ready to assist you. You’re not just enjoying senior living, you’re enjoying life!

  • Having so much to do and so many friends

With a robust activities calendar at your disposal, your day is yours to fill. Classes, seminars, parties, lectures, cooking demonstrations, cookouts, holiday celebrations, volunteering, special outings, concerts, movies… you’ll be as busy as you choose to be. And you won’t be lonely! You’ll have countless opportunities for socializing with upbeat, interesting people who encourage you to get the most out of life. 

  • Knowing your family has peace of mind

Think of the peace of mind for both you and your family just knowing that you are always surrounded by people who are looking out for you. In assisted living in a Peregrine senior living community, our compassionate and professional care team is ready to offer you assistance with activities of daily living. When you are enjoying senior living like this, you can look forward to each new day.

  • Improving your nutritional intake with delicious dining

If you’ve been living alone at home, you may have found yourself falling into a rut of easy, non-healthy food choices. Move into a Peregrine senior living community, and give yourself the gift of nutritious and delicious dining every day. Not only is this good for your body, it’s great for your mind, spirit, and overall outlook on life. 

  • Opening up travel possibilities

Should you have an opportunity to make a trip, you will be able to do so with much greater peace of mind. Just shut the door of your residence and go—no more worries about who will watch your home while you’re away. And if your “travels” are excursions to local museums, historical sites, and shopping meccas, in a Peregrine senior living community, you’ll have the advantage of scheduled transportation to easily get you there.

  • Finding new ways to thrive

Doing the same thing every day gets boring. But in a Peregrine senior living community, you will have the opportunity to pursue new interests and learn from others with different skills. So each day can truly be an adventure!

With The Peregrine Way™, enjoying senior living is a breeze!

At Peregrine Senior Living, you’ll enjoy a supportive lifestyle that enriches your life in unexpected ways—so you are free to enjoy life more!  Download our free Motivated Living Blue Zones guide. Learn more about The Peregrine Way™Contact us today.

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Stephen Sarsfield Bowman

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