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How to Prepare for Assisted Living: Creating a Plan of Action

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Did you know that by 2030, it is expected that around two million American seniors will live in some type of senior living community? As seniors live longer, healthier lives, the need for quality support from assisted living communities is growing. Sometimes, it can be challenging to come to terms with the fact that you or your loved one needs additional help with activities associated with daily living. But, you are not alone.

With an average life expectancy of 78 years, the need for older adults to plan for the future is becoming more and more important. And while there is no guidebook for navigating your senior living options, there are some important things you need to consider financially, emotionally and mentally when considering assisted living.

How to Prepare for Moving Into Assisted Living

One of the best things you can do is to start planning early. Don’t wait until you need assistance to start exploring your options, because you’ll have too much on your plate at the time to make a truly informed decision by yourself. If you do, you could be leaving a lot of the decision-making up to your family members or friends. You deserve to be in control of your future, so start your research sooner rather than later.

What it comes down to when making this major decision is thoroughly exploring your senior care options, digging into your financial situation, and listening to what your heart is telling you.

Not sure where to start? Use these steps to guide you through the process of moving into assisted living.

Step 1: Understand Your Current Health Needs and Identify Your Future Needs
Even if you feel as though you are healthy and independent right now, at some point your health could change. Planning ahead for these future changes is key. There are a variety of senior living options that cater to changing health needs. This type of living arrangement provides you peace of mind now and well into the future. Do your research so you understand the services available to you when it comes to assisted living and memory care.

Step 2: Take a Hands-On Approach to Finding the Right Community
Once you’ve made the decision to downsize to a senior living community, it’s time to start narrowing down your options. Not all senior care facilities are created equally. By scheduling tours, meeting with residents and talking to staff members, you can find the right fit for your future. Taking a hands-on approach puts you in the driver’s seat.

Step 3: Understand What You Can Afford
Whether you decide to downsize to an apartment or senior living community, all will come with their share of additional expenses. While it’s important to start saving for your future now, it might also be beneficial to meet with a financial advisor to help you get a solid grasp on your current financial situation. Remember, your family wants what is best for you so don’t be afraid to turn to them for financial support if you can.

Step 4: Include Your Loved Ones in the Process
It’s never easy to admit you need help, but you definitely don’t have to navigate these decisions on your own. Include your family members, make your wishes known, and work together to come up with a solid plan that will suit your changing lifestyle and that makes you feel comfortable. Keeping open lines of communication is the healthiest way to go about making this major decision.

Change is hard, but when you are in control of the changes that are happening around you it is much easier to digest. Don’t wait to plan the rest of your life. You know what will make you happy, so it’s important to find an assisted living community that suits your personality, encourages growth and provides the varying degree of support you will need.

Plan Ahead for Your Growing Needs With Peregrine Senior Living

When it comes to planning your retirement, it’s important that you feel heard. Peregrine Senior Living offers assisted living care that offers just the right amount of support now and into the future. We encourage seniors to live life to the fullest, finding purpose, validation and fulfillment in everyday. Make friends, find the perfect level of support, and experience the unsurpassed care you can only find at Peregrine Senior Living. Learn more about our community and schedule an in-person tour.

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