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Importance of Mental Health for Seniors

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Our mental health is made up of our emotional, psychological and social wellbeing. It directly effects how we think, feel and act on a daily basis. Mental health also plays a big role in how we handle stress, communicate with others and make decisions. When you experience good mental health, you will be able to feel your best, cope with the stresses of life and form strong relationships with those around you.

7 Ways to Boost Your Mental Health

Now that you’re aware of how important it is to have good mental health, you’re probably wondering how you can actively boost your own mental health. Here are some different ways you can boost your mental health and live your fullest life.

  1. Take a Walk. You can walk around your neighborhood or even go to a nearby park. Being active and getting some fresh air can help increase energy levels, reduce depression and boost your overall wellbeing.
  2. Journal. Take time out of your day to simply write down a few things that make you happy, that you’re grateful for or that you enjoyed about that day. Reflecting on what makes you happy can help boost your mood.
  3. Sleep Well. Getting a good night’s sleep can leave you feeling well rested and ready to take on the day. Aim for between six to eight hours and try to keep your room between 60 and 67 degrees Fahrenheit for optimal sleep.
  4. Get Creative. Try out a new recipe, paint a picture or find a craft to do online to occupy your mind and showcase your creative side. Being creative can play a big role in helping to boost your overall mental health.
  5. Yoga. Yoga increases body awareness, reduces muscle tension, relieves stress, calms the nervous system and sharpens concentration. Yoga has an abundance of positive benefits for you and can really help improve the status of your mental health overall if you practice regularly.
  6. Meditation. This is a great way to focus on the present moment and stop your mind from wandering into the unknown. When practicing meditation, you will sleep better, handle stress and anxiety better and improve your cognitive function.
  7. Socialization. Socializing with friends and family is a basic instinct that nearly everyone takes part in on occasion. By keeping in touch with the people you care about, you will feel less lonely and isolated. If you’re unable to physically see your loved ones, you can always call or video chat with them. By making an effort to stay connected, you will notice that you’ll have an improved mood and better mental health state.

How to Maintain Good Mental Health

In addition to the seven methods listed above, you can also do simple things each day to ensure you keep your mental health intact.

  • Value Yourself. Treat yourself with respect and kindness and try your best to avoid self-criticism. Make time for the things you enjoy, like your favorite hobby or project and allow yourself to broaden your horizons by attempting to learn something new.
  • Take Care of Your Body. Physical and mental health go hand in hand. By taking care of yourself physically, you can vastly improve your mental health. Make sure to eat nutrient dense meals, stay hydrated, exercise moderately and sleep well to keep yourself physically healthy.
  • Manage Stress. Practice good coping skills to manage any stress you encounter. Stress is inevitable and it’s important you develop healthy coping mechanisms to handle it. Try your best to look at the bright side when you’re experiencing stress and remember to see the humor in life. Laughter can boost your immune system and relax your body.

Enjoy Your Happiest Life at Peregrine Senior Living

At Peregrine Senior Living, we’ve pioneered new expectations for the aging process when it comes to our residents. We want you to be seen as the unique individual you are and be recognized for the value you have to offer. We do things The Peregrine Way™ to empower our residents to live a more fulfilled life by practicing three core values.

Our three values are: integrity, dignity and commitment to quality. We actively work to find new ways to help our residents uncover more purpose and fulfillment in daily life. Contact us by calling 315-476-5610 today to learn more about our core values and our commitment to our residents.

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