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Is Assisted Living Right for You? Questions to Ask Yourself

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It can be hard to know when it’s time to consider a move to assisted living, whether you are concerned about a loved one, or you are beginning to feel that you might benefit from some daily assistance. Sometimes the best way to make a decision is to ask yourself some senior living questions that can help uncover a need you might not have recognized. 

Remember, assisted living isn’t just about needing an occasional helping hand, it’s about choosing maintenance-free living that brings with it new friendships, new opportunities for learning and fulfillment, as well as new reasons to enjoy each day.

Senior living questions that can help you decide if assisted living is right for you or a loved one:  


  • Have there been recent kitchen fires or appliances left on? 
  • Does your loved one get disoriented in familiar places? 
  • Have you fallen or is your loved one at high risk due to eye conditions, balance, medications or safety concerns in the home? 
  • How close is help in an emergency: health, fire, natural disaster or other?

These may be the most urgent of all senior living questions. Safety at home can start to become a problem when a senior is living on their own at home. It can be as obvious as clutter, loose cords, or piles of magazines posing a tripping hazard or as “hidden” as eating spoiled food due to a faulty refrigerator. Bathrooms can pose numerous risks if they are not outfitted with proper safety features. Wandering or becoming increasingly confused can lead to dangerous situations and anxiety levels that can further isolate an older adult. 

Assisted living can be a welcome solution. Your apartment is designed for safety and comfort. Staff is there 24/7 to offer the assistance you need. Taking care of you and helping you live as healthy and carefree a life as possible is the goal—something we at Peregrine Senior Living take very seriously.


  • Has there been sudden weight loss or gain? 
  • Is it difficult to get up from a chair, navigating stairs and/or around furniture? 
  • Has there been a recent health scare or trouble recovering from common illnesses such as colds? 
  • Are chronic health conditions getting worse or harder to manage?

According to the National Council on Aging (NCOA), nearly 80 percent of people over the age of 65 have at least one chronic disease or medical condition. Sixty-eight percent of older Americans have two or more chronic medical conditions. Some are more serious than others; most run the risk of getting worse.  

When asking senior living questions about health, one key thing to keep in mind is that in assisted living, your loved one will be monitored 24/7 for changes in their health and wellness.  

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  • What social opportunities are available?
  • Do you find yourself avoiding activities you previously loved?
  • Do you have active friendships?

Many older adults lose their social networks over time. Neighbors move away and old friends are gone. Being alone isn’t the problem—feeling lonely and isolated is—and it can result in high blood pressure, heart disease, obesity, a weakened immune system, depression, cognitive decline, Alzheimer’s disease and even death. The good news: people who engage in meaningful activities with those they enjoy tend to live longer, boost their mood and have a sense of purpose. 

When considering these senior living questions about staying social, remember that at Peregrine Senior Living, you can be immersed in activities that stimulate mind, body and spirit. In our community, you are inspired to thrive in a life filled with the opportunity to enrich your life and the life of those around you. 


  • Is it hard to keep up with yard work, house cleaning, laundry, shopping and other chores?
  • Can your loved one shower, dress, use the bathroom and manage their medications unassisted?
  • Are there unpaid bills and/or has your loved one fallen victim to scams?
  • Are pets well taken care of?

So much goes into taking care of a home and sometimes, just getting through the day. As the years go by, it can feel like quite a burden. Wouldn’t it be a relief for you or a loved one to move to a lifestyle where it was all done for you—and all you had to do was sit back, relax, and plan a day that brings you joy? With Peregrine Senior Living, you can. 


  • Have there been accidents or close calls while driving?
  • Have you noticed dangerous driving:  too fast or slow, tailgating, drifting across lanes or confusing the gas and brake pedals?
  • How is your reaction time and vision; are you easily distracted?
  • Has your loved one gotten lost on the way home?

Normal changes that come with aging like reduced vision, trouble hearing, stiff joints and muscles can all affect your ability to drive safely, according to the National Institute on Aging

In addition, many drugs can cause drowsiness, blurred vision, confusion, tremors or other side effects. Giving up the car keys might seem hard, but knowing that scheduled transportation is a feature of assisted living can make it easier. How safe you feel on the road is definitely one of the senior living questions to ask yourself.


  • Are there stale, expired foods in the pantry or excessive amounts of particular items?
  • Do you live on TV dinners or take-out, opting to avoid cooking freshly prepared food?

Society tends to focus on whether people eat too much. But as we age, the bigger challenge can be just the opposite. If you have been feeling more tired than usual, are losing hair or having skin problems, you may be under-nourished. 

At Peregrine Senior Living, we recognize that as people naturally age, meals can be challenging. From a slower metabolism, health issues or changes in taste, it’s important for seniors to get the proper level of nutrition. All our meals are dietitian-approved, balanced and taste great.

Assisted living might be the answer to your questions.

Make the move to assisted living – you might find it’s easier to make friends, share experiences, stay engaged, connected, continue learning and so much more.

Contact us today to learn more. And please download the free guide, “Just the Facts: Your Guide to Assisted Living”. We are here to help you!

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Stephen Sarsfield Bowman

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