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Memory Care Communities: What Sets Peregrine Apart

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When it comes to choosing a memory care community, the options are overwhelming. All offer a variety of amenities and services that eventually can make your head spin. And while an assortment of amenities is certainly important to your loved one’s overall happiness, when it comes to memory loss, the care they receive is what makes all the difference.

At Peregrine, we don’t put a lot of emphasis on the services and amenities we offer our residents. It’s not what sets us apart. We offer all the services you’d expect as well as additional ones to make life a little easier and more convenient for our residents.

What we do pride ourselves on, though, is our level of care and compassion. The Peregrine Way™® has always been our guiding philosophy and our entire community is built around these fundamental principles.

Transitioning to Full Time Memory Care

No matter what stage of life our residents are in, we offer something that no other memory care community can – we offer our residents the opportunity to search for purpose, validation and fulfillment, despite what was lost.

At Peregrine Senior Living, we believe that meaningful life experiences and personal growth don’t have to end with dementia. For example, we offer three activities for our memory care residents to provide a positive aging experience:

Creating a Lasting Legacy

By fostering spirituality and embracing long-term memories, we help our residents record in writing their personal biography and lasting legacy. By stimulating residents and encouraging them to remember their past, they can stay close to who they once were and who they are starting to become in their senior years.

Lifting Spirits Through Memories

We work with every resident on an individual basis to create a safe-box of keepsakes that can be used to help calm, stimulate memories, and even lift their spirits. This memento can act as a way to help your loved one stay connected with their identity and continue to grow upon the memories they still have.

Celebrating Everyday Life

No matter what the day is, there is always something to celebrate. Once a month, we celebrate a different resident with a party, a photo retrospective, decorations in their favorite colors, and meaningful family testimonials. We encourage them to listen to favorite songs and to just celebrate the life they are living, regardless of memory loss.

Peregrine Senior Living Supports Personal Growth and Fulfillment 

It is our continued goal to help our residents thrive. This is something that is unique to Peregrine, and you won’t find when looking at other nearby memory care communities. We passionately believe that memory loss doesn’t have to define our residents. We encourage continued growth, exploration and learning. That’s The Peregrine Way™®, and you will only find it here at our memory care community. Learn more about our unique perspective and schedule a tour of our senior living community.

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Stephen Sarsfield Bowman

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