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Senior Health: What To Include in a Well-Balanced Diet

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Following a healthy diet is important at every stage of life. But particularly as you age, the choices you make when it comes to food have a major impact on your overall health and wellbeing. Reaching for potato chips instead of carrot sticks can have a lasting impact.

Following a well-balanced diet can seem complicated, especially for seniors, but it doesn’t have to be a challenge. Healthy eating all begins with you. By making some small changes in your current diet, you can maintain a healthy weight and stay more active no matter your age.

6 Rules to Follow for a Well-Balanced Diet for Seniors

The most obvious reason to maintain a healthy diet is to improve your health. For seniors, it’s common for your metabolism to slow down and for you to require fewer calories to feel satisfied. So, in order to spend less time at the doctor, you need to adjust your way of eating to be more balanced. Below are 6 rules you should follow as you age to ensure you are getting proper nutrition:

  1. Create a Healthy Plate of Foods – For seniors, choosing the right foods to fill your plate can make all the difference. By following the ChooseMyPlate guidelines, you can learn what the healthiest options are when filling your plate and feel confident in your choices.
  2. Choose Healthy Nutrients – While this is important at any age, it’s especially important for seniors to make choices that contribute to overall health. Look for bright colored foods and design a plate that is a rainbow of options. Healthy meals should always consist of lean protein, fruits, vegetables, whole grains and low-fat dairy milk. You should also try to minimize your sodium intake and choose foods that are high in fiber.
  3. Pay Attention to Nutrition Labels – You might already know this, but the healthiest options are foods that are not processed. Look in the perimeters of the grocery store for fresh meats, produce and dairy. When choosing packaged foods, look carefully at the label for items low in fat, sugars and sodium.
  4. Increase Water Intake – Dehydration can sometimes make you feel hungrier than you are. Drinking small amounts of water, tea or coffee throughout the day can help you stay hydrated and replenish your body of key nutrients to keep you healthy.
  5. Watch Serving Sizes – Especially when out at restaurants, it’s important to note portion sizes. They typically serve way more than a normal portion size. Without getting too involved in measuring your portions, just make note of your body’s natural hunger cues. When you are full stop eating and save leftovers for another time.
  6. Continue Physical Activity – While this isn’t necessarily a tip about creating a well-balanced diet, exercise is part of the equation. By exercising and staying active, you will help boost your metabolism and feel more motivated to reach for healthier food options.

10 Superfoods to Include in a Well-Balanced Diet for Senior Health

To help get you moving in the right direction, below are ten foods that are packed with the vitamins and nutrients necessary to live a healthier lifestyle:

  1. Dark leafy greens
  2. Green tea
  3. Blueberries
  4. Salmon
  5. Whole grains
  6. Beans
  7. Cinnamon
  8. Tomatoes
  9. Sweet potatoes
  10. Dark chocolate

Creating a well-balanced diet doesn’t have to be boring. Incorporate some of these delicious superfoods into your everyday meals and start reaping the benefits!

Enjoy a Well-Balanced Lifestyle at Peregrine Senior Living

You worked hard to get to a point where you can enjoy your retirement years. At Peregrine Senior Living, we help seniors live life on their own terms. At Peregrine, all of our residents have access to vibrant services, amenities, transportation and well-balanced dining options.

We invite you to learn more about what our senior living community has to offer you or your aging loved ones.

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