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Senior Living Types Defined: What to Know

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Just what senior living types are available? How can you know which sounds right for you or for a loved one? At Peregrine, we want you to have the information you need as you begin your search for the lifestyle option that best meets your needs.

Senior Living Types: Choosing the One That Works for You.

Independent Living
A good fit for: A person or couple interested in continuing their retirement living in a vibrant, engaging environment that promotes independence and offers exceptional hospitality. Of all the senior living types, independent living is the option most geared for someone who does not require assistance with daily activities or medical attention during the day. In independent living, you can expect a range of accommodations, from condominiums and apartments to free-standing cottages. Services can include transportation, concierge, housekeeping, dining, entertainment and more. A variety of interesting activities are offered on a regular basis and amenities are designed to create an ambiance of vacation-like hospitality.

Lifelong wellness is the focus of independent living. For example, at Peregrine, our view on independent living is to give you the opportunity to focus on your physical, mental and emotional wellness through interactive programs and activities.

Assisted Living
A good fit for: A person who needs just a bit of help with the activities of daily living, such as dressing, bathing, meals and/or managing medication, but overall is able to live comfortably with some independence. In most assisted living settings, you can enjoy the exceptional amenities of the overall community, while also having access to specific services and features that cater to your needs. When considering senior living types, assisted living is a good choice when you want to make your life, or your loved one’s life, comfortable and stress-free.

Assisted living can be an excellent atmosphere for a person who is tired of living alone at home and would appreciate not only having occasional assistance, but also the benefits of a vibrant social calendar with countless ways to make friends and feel a part of a community. In addition, free from worries of home upkeep or other obligations, you might find new ways to achieve personal fulfillment, such as the opportunities provided at Peregrine—deepening the spiritual experience, pursuing lifelong learning, and achieving personal fulfillment.

Supportive Care
A good fit for: A person who needs the benefits of assisted living along with financial assistance if needed. According to, supportive living communities provide personal care, daily socialization and educational activities in a comfortable, home-like setting. However, in contrast to assisted living, these services are provided in supportive living at a reduced or subsidized cost — Medicaid Waivers are accepted. Also, if a resident becomes unable to pay for the care, they are not required to move from their apartment. There are different types of supportive living; this includes communities that care for persons living with disabilities, others that care exclusively for seniors and some residences that care for both.

Memory Care
A good fit for: Someone living with Alzheimer’s disease or another form of dementia that requires a higher level of support in order to stay safe. A memory care setting can provide a secure, structured environment with set routines and purposeful design to lower stress. Specially trained caregivers know how to read both verbal and visual cues in order to deal with the unique issues that often arise as a result of dementia or Alzheimer’s disease. The goal is to acknowledge each person’s story, as well as who they still are and help them enjoy an improved quality of life.

We call it The Peregrine Way™® in our community — a unique approach that identifies opportunities to engage a person’s long-term memory on their terms, in order to forge a brighter present and future. If you are considering senior living types for a loved one who is struggling with memory issues, we are here to answer your questions.

Skilled Nursing
A good fit for: A person requiring intensive care and attention 24 hours a day. AgingCare defines skilled nursing as “a high level of medical care that must be provided by or under the direct supervision of licensed health professionals, such as registered nurses (RNs) and physical, speech, and occupational therapists.” This can be short-term rehabilitation from an illness or injury or a long-term need for those requiring a high level of care on a frequent or constant basis due to a chronic medical condition — requiring a physician’s supervision.

All of the senior living services we offer are designed to empower our residents to thrive.

Contact us today to learn more and please download the free guide, Just The Facts: Guide to Assisted Living. We are here to help you!

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