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The Brain Benefits of Socializing for Seniors

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We’re used to going to a gym to improve our physical health. But did you know you can improve the health of your brain as well, boosting your mental agility, as well as reducing your risk developing Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia? 

While genes, nutrition, and heart health all play a role in the health of the brain, one easy way to make an impact is through socializing with others. To stay healthy and to thrive, our brains need engagement. Fortunately, choosing a supportive lifestyle such as you’ll find at a Peregrine Senior Living community offers multiple opportunities for making friends, socializing, and helping your brain stay healthy.

Benefits of socializing for seniors

Helps lower stress

Chronic stress is bad for us. It can impair brain function, from interfering with our ability to interact with others, to affecting our long-term memory, to literally destroying brain cells. Participating in social activities like group exercise classes, group walks, or clubs encourages healthy lifestyle habits and can take your mind off stressors in your life. The Peregrine Way™ opens up a variety of possibilities for having fun with others, which is great news for your noggin!

Decreases depression and improves overall life satisfaction

When you have close friends and family to interact with and spend time with every day, you’re more likely to feel happy and fulfilled. In addition, engaging in quality activities with others goes even further to help defeat loneliness and isolation, as well as promotes positive self-awareness, which is key to enjoying a higher quality of life and satisfaction. As a resident of a Peregrine Senior Living community, you are never without the opportunity to connect with someone. Activities, events, classes, and more—staying engaged and feeling fulfilled is easy.   

Helps preserve memory and ability to think

Being around others you enjoy can make days brighter and more interesting, and definitely is something to look forward to, as opposed to being alone at home with only the television as a companion. That’s why the benefit of socializing for seniors is so exciting. A recent study concluded that maintaining positive, warm and trusting friendships might be the key to a slower decline in memory and cognitive functioning. Being around others helps you think better!

Can slow down the aging of your brain

You might have heard of “SuperAgers”—people who are 80 years of age and older and have cognitive ability at least as good as those in their 50s and 60s. Their brains are literally aging at a much slower rate than average, and there is a lot of research looking at why. One finding is that SuperAgers report having more satisfying, high-quality relationships compared to the average 80+ year-old. It makes sense when you realize that creating new social networks and engaging with others in activities is like taking your brain to the gym. You’re keeping it agile, improving its function, and potentially lowering the risk of dementia.  

Improves self-esteem and mental health

When you have people around you can lean on, as well as when you’re inspired to discover new passions and opportunities for personal growth, it makes you feel brighter and more positive! You feel good about who you are and what you have to offer. And you’re less likely to struggle with depression and anxiety. 

Senior living has all the right ingredients. 

The benefits of socializing for seniors are many. In a Peregrine senior living community, you can make new friends, reconnect with long-time acquaintances, and explore a whole world of possibilities for new hobbies, pursuits and pastimes. Your days will be more fulfilling—and your brain will thank you for it!  

With The Peregrine Way™, enjoying senior living is a breeze!

At Peregrine Senior Living, you’ll enjoy a supportive lifestyle that enriches your life in unexpected ways—so you are free to enjoy life more!  Download our free Motivated Living Blue Zones guide. Learn more about The Peregrine Way™Contact us today.

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Stephen Sarsfield Bowman

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