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What Is the Right Age for Assisted Living?

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It’s quite possible that nothing has changed as much in recent years as senior living—and that’s great news for the millions of Baby Boomers and other seniors making a decision about their future. They want more out of life than taking care of a home or having too much empty time with few activities or company.

Today’s seniors think “young” more than ever. And today’s senior living communities that provide supportive care are creating lifestyles as fun and inspiring as they are carefree and nurturing. So if you’ve been contemplating whether assisted living is the right move for you, but you are not sure about the age factor, here are points to consider.

There is no right age for assisted living.

Every person is unique. One assisted living resident might be in her 60s and tired of keeping cooking and cleaning and is ready for more free time. An 80-year-old former executive might finally be ready to sit back and let someone else take care of daily details. The “typical” assisted living resident, according to the American Health Care Association, is a mobile female around the age of 87 years old. While she is still mostly independent, she does require some help with at least two or three daily living activities, like bathing, dressing, eating, or medication management. But there is an increasing number of individuals under the age of 65, and this demographic is increasing.  

You’re always the right age to live happy.

What do you most enjoy? Volunteering? Teaching someone to crochet? Writing poetry? Give yourself the freedom of assisted living and you’ll have more leisure time than ever before—and lots of ways to spend it. Enjoy the privacy of your comfortable residence. Dine on wonderful cuisine. Let someone else drive you to the doctor. Join a special outing to a gallery you’ve always wanted to visit. Walk with a group each morning, or take a chair aerobics class. As you can see, any age can truly be the right age for assisted living at Peregrine Senior Living.

Having more friends is always a blessing.

It’s hard to make new friends when you’re living at home. Neighbors move away and children and grandchildren are busy around-the-clock. Move into assisted living, and you’ll be surrounded by friendly peers ready to join you in an activity, the dining room, or just to greet you each day. The Mayo Clinic reports that friends play a significant role in promoting your overall health and can actually help older adults live longer. There’s a lot to be said for seeing a smiling face every day! 

You’re never too young to put down the hammer. Or rake. Or dish towel.

You have heard how moving into senior living lets you escape the stress and worry of home upkeep. But have you really considered just how freeing that will be? No longer do you have to keep a list of repair people, or worry about that persistent leak, or try to find a new crew to handle yard maintenance. At Peregrine Senior Living, everything is handled for you—and you don’t have to lift a finger…not even to change a light bulb!

You benefit from on-site care and support no matter your age.

Needing a helping hand with bathing, grooming or medication management can keep you from really enjoying life when you’re living alone at home. Assisted living communities are equipped to help residents manage these activities of daily living and more, with a well-trained staff providing the care you need in a way that protects privacy and promotes dignity. In addition, you enjoy a 24-hour emergency response system in your residence, on-site security, and lighted parking areas. 

The right age for assisted living?

Forget the number! If you are ready for a senior living community that empowers you to live independently, frees you from daily cares, inspires and respects you, then you are ready for a wonderful new lifestyle. 

Be happy and thrive:  assisted living at Peregrine Senior Living provides opportunities for stimulating body, spirit and mind. 

Learn more about what it means to do assisted living The Peregrine Way™.  Download our free Guide to Aging Well and unlock the secrets from the “Blue Zones” around the world.

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Stephen Sarsfield Bowman

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