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Why Choose Assisted Living?

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Imagine finding a lifestyle that’s focused on your needs and wellbeing… a place where you have no responsibilities or to-do lists, where you can wake each day knowing you are free to spend your time as you please. A warm place with a staff of friendly, caring people ready to lend a helping hand if needed. That’s what assisted living is all about — probably much more than you expected! 

Changing people’s expectations about assisted living is the goal at Peregrine Senior Living. We’re here to provide you with the inspiration, resources, and peace of mind to explore all that life has to offer.

Why choose assisted living?

You might need some assistance with activities of daily living: bathing, dressing, walking, toileting, bed transfer, or eating. When you move into assisted living, you will find you no longer have the stress of trying to get through the day by yourself, or having to call upon a relative or friend. Instead, you will enjoy prompt and personalized care to meet your needs.

You no longer want to live alone in a house. Loneliness and social isolation can lead to greater risk for dementia and other serious medical conditions such as chronic illness, depression, and hearing loss. Also, having all the responsibilities of home upkeep and repairs can be burdensome and overwhelming. Living alone can bring worries over security and safety. In assisted living, you can make friends, stay fit and active, and have all your needs looked after by friendly and caring staff.

You can no longer handle shopping, cooking, or housework the way you’d like. Instead of becoming frustrated daily, or withdrawing from doing things you enjoy, why not choose an environment focused on your satisfaction…with services provided that take the worry away. In assisted living, you enjoy delicious meals prepared by professional chefs — and someone else does the dishes! In assisted living, you can focus on what you enjoy and leave the housekeeping, chores, and cooking to trained staff that look forward to serving you.

You’d like someone else to drive you to medical appointments. No worries. As a resident of assisted living, you’re welcome to keep your car, but you don’t have to drive it anywhere. Instead, scheduled transportation to appointments is provided. No more worrying about rush hour traffic or finding a parking place. You have a ride!

You’re ready to be around others and feel secure. Privacy is respected in assisted living. You can spend your time in your apartment reading, watching a program, or chatting with friends. But what makes it even better is knowing that in times of emergencies, such as power outages, bad storms, or any other unexpected occurrence, you are not alone.

You’d like to lift the burden of worry off your family. This could be a big reason why you choose assisted living. It might be that your adult children are becoming concerned about your living alone. Or perhaps the subject of future health needs has come up. No matter what is on their mind, your loved ones will rest much easier knowing that you are in a safe, comfortable community filled with people looking out for you. 

You are eager to do new things and have new friends. You’ve come to the right place! Today’s modern assisted living communities are bright, upbeat centers of activity and energy. Whether it’s learning about a different culture, trying Tai Chi, attending a birthday party, taking a painting class, going on a special outing to a nearby museum, or gathering for happy hour, there is a lot going on—and a lot of friendly people ready to join you. 

You want to live carefree and enjoy consistent care and attention. What a gift: to be able to live without daily worries, knowing help is there, and that the help is coming from trained, caring professionals who are focused on you. You’ll develop lasting bonds with those around you and know that you can trust their support.

Why choose assisted living at Peregrine? Let us tell you all the reasons.

Whether you are interested in assisted living or memory care, a rewarding and exciting new adventure awaits! Let us tell you more. 

Download our free Memory Care Guide to help you with the decision between assisted living and memory care. Learn more about The Peregrine Way™Contact ustoday.

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