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Finding Fulfillment in Assisted Living

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It’s very likely you’ve made time in your life to accomplish many things, like pursuing a career, raising a family, or achieving other personal goals. So what’s next? Now might be the perfect time to sit back, relax, and embrace all the other opportunities that await you, without having to worry about the little things. In other words, maybe it’s time to be spoiled!

Moving into assisted living could be your ticket to a new kind of freedom—and a whole new way to live a fulfilling life. The beauty of living in a Peregrine Senior Living community is that all the entertainment, services, and classes come to you. There is also a wide variety of scheduled recreational and cultural outings that you can take advantage of. The Peregrine Way™ empowers each person to thrive in a life filled with the opportunity to enrich their own lives and the lives of those around them. 

Finding fulfillment In assisted living

Keep learning and growing. Living in your long-time home where you might only see a few people each week and your world feels small can bring you down. In a vibrant assisted living community such as one of Peregrine Senior Living’s, you’re surrounded by interesting people, stimulating events, and classes and lectures through Peregrine University. You can also learn about and explore different cultures of the world through our Around the World program.  

Lifelong learning is not just good for your mental and physical health. It’s a big part of finding fulfillment when living in an assisted living community. It gives you something to strive towards and accomplish. Think of it as earning an advanced degree in a rewarding retirement!

Reach new levels of wellness. Whether you’ve been active all your life or your athletic shoes are collecting dust, you’re in the right place in assisted living. That’s because you not only will find lots of ways to exercise and be active, you’ll also have access to delicious, dietitian-approved, balanced meals. Eating better helps you feel good and more motivated to become more active, like maybe join a Zumba exercise class. And speaking of motivation, just being around your peers makes exercising a lot more fun and something you want to do every day. 

The key is to not focus on things you can’t do anymore (maybe going up Mount Everest isn’t in the cards) but take advantage of all that assisted living can offer. Maybe you’ll try Tai Chi or yoga. Seek out spiritual experiences. Help others. It’s all part of total wellness, and something we promote at Peregrine Senior Living as part of finding fulfillment in assisted living. We call it The Peregrine Way™. Just knowing every day is yours to enjoy can infuse you with newfound energy!

Tap into hidden creativity. As a human, you have a fundamental need to create. And you don’t have to be an artist. (But if you want to be, you’ll find art classes in assisted living that might bring out the Rembrandt in you!) Now that you have the time, you can use your creativity to cook a special dish, garden, or make a scrapbook for your grandchildren. At Peregrine, residents are even invited to write their personal biographies (we call them Legacy Stories). The world is yours—explore it!

Volunteer and share your wisdom. When you know what you are doing is helping someone else, you feel good in your mind and in your body. It gives your days meaning and purpose. A carefree assisted living lifestyle gives you more time to help your favorite charity, or to mentor some budding entrepreneurs. You have much to offer. And now, your calendar is wide open—you fill it as you choose.

Set new goals. Many older adults find that once they free themselves from daily chores or worries about the future, they can really focus on what matters. And the goals can be big or small. Some examples could be: I’ll be here for my grandchildren. I’ll help others when I can. I’ll be more mindful about what I eat. I’ll take that train trip through the mountains. Or, I’ll make a gratitude list every morning.  

Deepen your spiritual experience. At Peregrine, our assisted living communities are designed to empower residents to thrive, and that includes helping you grow mentally, socially and spiritually. You’ll find opportunities for focusing on the spiritual dimension of aging. Whether through services, or moments of quiet reflection, finding fulfillment in assisted living includes the freedom to nurture your spirit.

Make new friends and spend time with family. You know socializing is good for you. And you know that good friends are good for your mind, body and spirit. Living in an assisted living community gives you the opportunity to meet peers who share your stories and who can uplift you during times of loss. While you can always enjoy your privacy, living in assisted living means friends are right there. 

Savor every moment. This is your time to thrive! It’s never too late to learn something new. Finding fulfillment in assisted living is all about being free to do what stirs your imagination. With The Peregrine Way™, you might find this phase of life can be more exciting than you ever imagined! 

Assisted Living The Peregrine Way™ lets you live your best life. Assisted living can be a rewarding and exciting new adventure—let us tell you more about The Peregrine Way™Contact us today. 

And we hope you’ll download our free guide, Supporting Your Aging Loved One: Caregiver Tips & Tools.

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Stephen Sarsfield Bowman

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