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Keep Going, Keep Growing: Celebrating Healthy Aging During Active Aging Week!

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Active Aging Week is this month, dedicated to celebrating how positive aging can be and encouraging adults over 50 to take advantage of all that life has to offer. At Peregrine Senior Living, we are all about healthy aging and helping our residents continue to grow mentally, socially, and spiritually. In fact, we’re changing expectations of the entire aging process!

Our unique approach to senior care—The Peregrine Way™—is how we empower residents to have a more fulfilled life by providing opportunities to celebrate what makes them unique.

Just because someone is in need of extra support, that doesn’t mean their life has to be put on hold. In fact, at Peregrine, we keep finding new ways to help you uncover more purpose and fulfillment in daily life. Now that’s healthy aging!

Healthy Aging:  What You Can Do

Stay physically active. You don’t have to run a marathon, just try to engage in moderate physical activity at least 30 minutes a day. Walk. Do chair aerobics. Try strength training. Mix in yoga or Tai Chi. Regular physical experience is good for every part of you. It can reduce inflammation, boost your mood, improve sleep, improve brain function and reduce memory loss, strengthen your immune system, and more. 

Keep learning and building brain cells. Find something that you enjoy and challenge your brain by trying new variations or increasing how well you do an activity. Like crossword puzzles? Pick a harder one once in a while. Or try learning something brand new—staying open to new ideas builds new cells in your brain.  

Be mindful. Just being in the present can be a blessing. It’s a vital part of healthy aging. Meditation, yoga, and Tai Chi all center on calming your mind and your breathing. Try mindfulness a few times a day and you might discover your focus has improved, your stress has dropped and your relationships are stronger. 

Connect socially. There are so many health benefits to being around people you enjoy. And it’s a lot more fun! Friends keep you connected. They inspire you. They relieve stress when you’re feeling blue. Younger friends help you see a whole new perspective.  

Eat right. For an engine to perform at its best, it needs the right fuel. So do you! As one ages, getting the right balance of nutrients is especially key to physical and mental health. Reduce the sugary and fatty foods. Instead, opt for a “colorful” plate: fruits, vegetables and fiber. Drink your water too!   

Sleep well. Just a few of the benefits of sleeping well include a stronger immune system, less weight gain, a stronger heart, enhanced mood, increased productivity, and improved memory. Develop your own routine for winding down your day so you can easily fall asleep. (And don’t forget the restorative power of a nap—one of the best secrets of healthy aging!)

Find purpose and joy. Look around… isn’t there much to be grateful for? Having a positive attitude helps with everything. Even as life changes over the years, you can still begin a whole new chapter. Learn. Create. Inspire. Share. Savor. Find comfort, care, and happiness in everything you do. Make healthy aging your mantra!  

Healthy Aging at Peregrine Senior Living

The Peregrine Way™ is more than a philosophy; it’s a vision that strives to change how we think about the aging process. We celebrate every person’s unique traits by encouraging spiritual, intellectual, and emotional growth. In addition to Peregrine’s daily exercise classes, walking clubs, and dietician approved meals, here are some of the other programs we offer:

  • Spiritual Programs: We offer services of celebration and faith to uplift the community. At Peregrine, we emphasize the spiritual dimension of aging since it often has deep roots that can help connect meaningful experiences from childhood to the present.
  • Legacy Stories: We embrace the significance of long-term memories and the meaningful effect they can have on you or your loved one. Together, we record – in writing – each resident’s personal biography.
  • Peregrine University: We present interesting and entertaining lectures on topics familiar to the residents. Lifelong learning has never been this fun!
  • Time Capsules: We work with residents to create a safe-box of keepsakes to calm, stimulate and lift residents’ spirits.
  • Around The World: Not able to travel anymore? No worries! Monthly, we explore different cultures of the world through dining, dress and music. It’s like taking an exotic trip without leaving your home!

At Peregrine Senior Living, we believe in personal growth and a higher sense of purpose for all our residents. We celebrate healthy aging every day! We’re here to help you. Learn more about The Peregrine Way™Contact us today. And download our free guide, Supporting Your Aging Loved One: Caregiver Tips & Tools.

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Stephen Sarsfield Bowman

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