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Importance of Building Relationships with Senior Living Staff

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It is important to build relationships and connect with staff members at your loved one’s senior living facility. They will be the ones taking care of your loved one daily, bonding with them and becoming a huge part of their lives. By making an effort to connect with staff members, you will feel more connected to the people caring for your loved one. You will gain confidence and trust in the staff members that care for your loved one by creating and forming strong relationships,.

How to Build Relationships with Senior Living Staff

Looking for ways to build a strong relationship with your loved one’s senior living staff? Use the following tips to begin creating new relationships and strengthening already existing ones.

Get to Know the Care Team: It is important and helpful to learn the roles the staff play and what their individual responsibilities are. There are many different staff members that will interact with your loved one, and it can help to understand who does what on a daily basis. It may help to identify a primary contact at your loved one’s facility that can address your questions and concerns. Seek out a staff member who has daily contact with your loved one and form a relationship with them to stay up to date on your loved one’s condition.

Help the Staff Get to Know Your Loved One: Developing strong relationships between your loved one and the staff at their facility is imperative. You want to know that your loved one is cared for by people who know and appreciate them. You can help build this relationship by informing staff members of some of your loved one’s personal details and family history. You could also provide photographs or scrapbooks to share with staff members.

Show Appreciation: Make sure to show your appreciation to the staff as you get to know them. This can be as simple as writing a thank you card or verbally expressing your gratitude to staff members regularly. These are the people caring for your loved one; you want to make sure they know how grateful you are for all that they do.

How to Communicate Effectively with Your Parent’s Caregiver

Communication is one of the most useful and essential elements in sustaining relationships. Follow these best practices for effective communication with your parent or loved one’s caregiver.

Ask Caregivers Questions: Educate yourself on your loved one’s condition by posing specific questions to their caregivers. It’s imperative to understand what your loved one is experiencing and what resources you can use to better care for your loved one.

Be a Good Listener: Make sure you are actively listening when a caregiver is speaking to you. Learning more about the caregiver’s and staff member’s roles will in turn help you better understand the care that is being provided to your loved one on a day to day basis.

Talk Openly with Caregivers: Voice your fears, worries and needs with the caregiver that’s directly looking after your loved one. This will allow for open and meaningful dialogue between the two of you.

Build Relationships with the Staff at Peregrine Senior Living

At Peregrine Senior Living, we put your loved one first by offering a person-centered care plan that is designed to empower people to celebrate all of the things that make them unique. By building relationships with each resident, we strive to provide the best care possible for your loved one. Part of redefining senior care at Peregrine involves being there to support your family. We encourage you to learn more about what our senior living community has to offer.

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