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When is The Right Time for Seniors to Downsize?

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It’s not always easy to tell when your loved ones need to start preparing for the next chapter of their lives. Downsizing can seem like a daunting and exhausting process to some, so your loved ones may be putting it off. Learn signs to look out for that can help you determine when your loved ones need to begin downsizing.

7 Signs Seniors Should Downsize

Wondering when is the right time for your loved one to downsize? The following signs can serve as key indicators to help you recognize when it might be time for your loved one to make a change in their life.

  1. Retirement. This is one of the most common reasons seniors begin to look into downsizing. As your loved one reaches retirement, they may want to stretch out their savings and decrease their yearly expenses.
  2. Unused or Empty Rooms. If your loved one has one or two rooms that go unoccupied, they may be a waste and can end up costing them money in property taxes or maintenance.
  3. Financial Troubles. If your loved one is struggling to afford their monthly home expenses, they should probably look into downsizing into a smaller home. They need to be able to use their savings for retirement, not to maintain home expenses they no longer need. Plus, stressing over the payments each month can compromise their mental health.
  4. Inability to Keep Up with Housework. Is your loved one struggling to complete household work? Houses require a lot of work, from everyday chores to bigger responsibilities, and these can become difficult as your loved one ages. If they are struggling to keep up with their current home, this may be a sign it’s time for them to look into downsizing.
  5. Health Complications. As your loved one ages, it will become harder for them to move around their home, especially if they live in a home with multiple levels. Getting up and down the stairs may become difficult and dangerous for them. A smaller, one-level home may allow your loved one to maintain their independence.
  6. Lifestyle Changes. Is your loved one feeling bored or depressed lately? Sometimes lack of visitors or lack of activities can cause them to become sad. Downsizing can help them move to a town closer to friends and family and in turn help ease their feelings of loneliness.
  7. Empty Household. Your loved one may be experiencing empty nest syndrome if everyone has moved out of the house. This can cause loved ones to feel grief, loneliness and depression. If this is the case, it makes financial and lifestyle sense to downsize to a smaller space that does not seem so empty. Moving into a smaller space can also help your loved one lower their mortgage payment and save money towards retirement.

By familiarizing yourself with the signs and benefits of downsizing, you will be able to help your loved one make the right decision and ease the process for them.

Why Should Seniors Downsize?

There are many benefits to your loved one downsizing. Whether it’s saving money, preparing for a future move or alleviating them from household expenses, downsizing can improve the quality of your loved one’s life. Downsizing is a great way to refresh and focus on the next chapter of life and an important step for your loved ones to take.

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