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Recently Single? Why You Should Consider a Move to Independent Living

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If you are a recently divorced or widowed older adult, you might still be healing emotionally and not sure what lies ahead. Being suddenly single can be daunting, with so many new responsibilities to worry over. Or, maybe you’ve been on your own for some time and would like to be part of a couple again. Either way, the welcoming and friendly environment of independent living could be just the right answer for finding new ways to experience happiness and fulfillment in your future. 

Why is independent living a great choice for someone who is single?

Independent living feels a bit like a college campus.

Being in a bustling environment can be very healing when you’ve been spending too much time in your thoughts. There’s lots of things to do, people to meet and experiences to be had. Only in this environment, you don’t have to “study”… just enjoy! (Though lifelong learning opportunities in independent living are another wonderful way to stimulate your brain and make new friends.) It’s an ambiance of energy and engagement, where you can recharge your spirit and be yourself again. 

Independent living takes the responsibilities off of you.

Living at home as a single older adult, you most likely have to devote a fair amount of your time taking care of repairs and upkeep of everything from the roof to the lawn to housecleaning and more. It doesn’t leave you a lot of time—or energy—to meet new people or get involved in new hobbies or social groups. 

Move into independent living, and all those chores and worries disappear, because there’s a helpful staff taking care of everything. You are free to explore new friendships and adventures. 

Independent living keeps you physically active.

Sometimes the idea of exercising on your own is not that appealing. Choose independent living and take advantage not only of a wide range of exercise equipment and classes, but also the opportunity to be motivated by others just like you. It’s more fun to move when you do it in a group! Plus, you can improve your strength, your balance, your mood and prevent or delay a long list of diseases. 

Independent living puts exceptional amenities at your fingertips.  

Days can get lonely living at home with not much to do. Imagine instead having an impressive array of amenities just steps away, whenever you’re in the mood. Like a special auditorium for watching movies with free popcorn. A lovely dining room for eating with friends and family. A well-stocked library with your favorite author’s titles. Lovely outdoor spaces for you and your pet to enjoy, not maintain. An onsite spa with everything from hair styling to manicures and pedicures. At Peregrine, we’d love to show you all the amenities, programs, and activities that our residents enjoy in a typical day.

Independent living makes it easy to get the health benefits of socializing.  

Being isolated is dangerous for your physical, emotional, and mental health. In fact, research suggests that loneliness is as harmful as smoking 15 cigarettes a day. Independent living is the perfect antidote. It’s not just having lots of activities to choose from… it’s having a network of like-minded peers around you. People who share your memories, who understand how aging can bring losses and changes that are hard, and who have walked the same path as you. 

Having someone like that to talk to and lean on when times are tough can be a huge thing. No matter why you are single, you can always use a good friend…and independent living is filled with them.

Independent living gives you a sense of safety and security. 

Just knowing someone else is around can make anyone feel better. And when that suddenly changes, the world can feel a bit threatening. In independent living, you can let your anxieties melt away. You’ve chosen an environment specially designed for your safety and wellness. No more worrying about trying to locate a family member or friend in the wee hours. There’s always someone available to assist you in an emergency 24/7.    

Benefits of independent living for those who have always been single, or have been single for some time.

Maybe you’d like to find a special someone, but you’re not interested in the whole online dating thing. It can be difficult to meet someone you might really care about when you’re older and on your own. But in a thriving independent living environment, you don’t have to worry about all that. You’re rubbing shoulders constantly with fellow residents at special events, in exercise classes, in clubs, on special outings, at mealtimes, walking around the community, and lots of other occasions. It’s an easy, stress-free way to get to know a person, without the anxiety of starting from scratch.

However you choose to live, at Peregrine, we can help you lead a more fulfilled life by providing opportunities that celebrate what makes you unique. We call it The Peregrine Way™®. And we’d love to tell you more!No matter what brings you to Peregrine, a sense of purpose awaits.  Contact ustoday to learn more. And please download the free guide, Just The Facts:  Your Guide to Independent Living. We are here to help you!

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