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Why Independent Living Is a Surprisingly Great Option for Introverts

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If you are like many people who consider themselves to be an introvert, you love the idea of having the freedom to live as you choose, having lots of quiet time to reflect and recharge, while interacting with others when it feels comfortable. That’s why independent living could be an excellent choice for introverts like you. 

Independent living and introverts: A great match!

Eleanor Roosevelt was an introvert. So was Dr. Suess. And even with all his fame, so is Michael Jordan. According to, about one-third to one-half of Americans are introverts. That’s not something that changes as you age—and there’s no reason it should. 

In fact, independent living in today’s retirement communities is geared heavily to helping each person live the life they design, without having to compromise their preferences. At Peregrine Senior Living, we’re already there. In fact, we’ve been changing expectations of what aging is about for years. We believe everyone has a unique personality and we shine a light on that. We call it The Peregrine Way™®.

Here’s some reasons why your approach to life will fit right into independent living:  

You’ll have your own private apartment home. Maybe more than anyone, introverts love feeling at home, knowing they can just enjoy puttering around, maybe catch up on mail, listen to the radio, enjoy a lazy afternoon. That’s what independent living is all about: being as active, or as quiet, as you choose, filling your day to your liking. Your apartment home is yours to decorate and arrange as you choose, and is very much your refuge. You’ll quickly find that other residents will respect your privacy as will staff of the community. 

You’re in control of your social life. Some people need to be around others all the time. Others prefer to decide when they would like the company of a friend or two, or when joining a group feels good. It’s all up to you in independent living. At Peregrine, our activities calendar is full of all kinds of social opportunities whenever the mood strikes you. Engaging and connecting is beneficial for everyone’s physical, mental, and emotional wellness, including introverts—at Peregrine, you decide when it feels right for you.

You can develop new lasting friendshipsSimplyPsychology says one characteristic of introverts is preferring to have a small group of close friends. You share a deep bond with them, and know you can depend on them. Living in independent living with others who are also writing this chapter of life puts you in contact with interesting and in many cases, introspective people. They are also seeking fulfillment and satisfaction in their retirement, and understand the value of relationships. 

You can enjoy quiet spaces inside and outdoors. Independent living in a senior living community offers introverts a variety of onsite choices when it comes to moments of peaceful reflection. You can take a relaxing walk outside for a moment of Nature. Spend a few hours in a well-stocked library with your favorite author. Have coffee with a good friend in a quiet spot. Schedule a soothing manicure in the spa. Your community might have a garden area where you can let yourself recharge. Retirement living should be fun and stimulating—but it can also offer opportunities for solitude and reflection.

You’ll benefit from having a helping hand close by. Both introverts and extroverts occasionally need assistance, both in times of emergency or maybe just with an everyday task.  Knowing that a helping hand is just down the hall night or day can be a wonderful thing. In independent living, you’ll find a friendly staff eager to help make your days easier.  Additionally, if your community offers independent living as well as other levels of care, you can relax knowing if needs change, the help you need is there.

Just the right mix of privacy, quiet time, and socializing on your terms. When you are considering retirement living, consider the many benefits introverts can enjoy in independent living. You might discover it has all the ingredients you desire.

At Peregrine, you’re free to write the next chapter of your lifeContact us today to learn more. And please download the free guide, Just The Facts:  Your Guide to Independent Living. We are here to help you!

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Stephen Sarsfield Bowman

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