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The Benefits of Assisted Living

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You might have noticed your loved one is having difficulty occasionally with daily tasks, and you’re wondering if it’s time to make a lifestyle change. Should your Mom or Dad be living on their own? Do they seem lonely? Is there a need for home health? As your family considers options, take a moment to review the many benefits of assisted living.  

Assisted Living Means Someone is Always There.

When a loved one lives alone and falls or has an emergency, there is usually no one immediately available to offer assistance. One of the major benefits of assisted living is that help is on hand should anything arise. In addition, the environment is designed to facilitate senior mobility. Halls typically are wider and include handrails, bathrooms have extra safety features, and so on.

No More Housework is a Welcome Treat.

A senior living at home often worries over cleaning, shopping, home and yard maintenance, and more. Even changing a lightbulb can be dangerous. Assisted living offers the advantage of a truly carefree lifestyle, with housekeeping and maintenance often included in the monthly cost. Not having to mow the lawn, plan a meal, or wait for a repairman frees up time that can be spent enjoying the company of friends and family. 

Socializing and Staying Engaged is Easy. Of all the benefits of assisted living, this might appeal the most to anyone who’s been living alone for a long period of time. Today’s assisted living communities are vibrant, engaging environments offering desirable amenities such as group activities, fitness classes, arts and crafts, special outings, lectures and seminars, holiday celebrations and more. Be as active as you choose, knowing a friendly face is never far away—an important perk for many seniors whose world has grown smaller due to isolation.

Mealtimes Are a Pleasure Again. Dining alone day after day can be a very lonely experience, especially if the menu is less than appetizing. Good nutrition is often a challenge for older adults living on their own. Assisted living offers the benefits of three meals a day, often planned by a dietitian and prepared by a professional chef. There’s always someone to dine with and talk to if desired. Plus, someone else washes the dishes!

Daily Assistance Gives Peace of Mind. Whether a person needs help dressing, bathing, or managing their medication, or just prefers someone else handle the laundry, cooking or transportation, the bonuses of assisted living abound. There’s no need to call a neighbor to help with a chore. Family members can stop worrying if Mom or Dad is eating right or taking their medications properly. A staff member is on hand and ready to respond 24 hours a day.

Other Benefits of Assisted Living

Assisted living communities are more affordable when 24/7 care is required. Families do not have the extra burden of finding and managing caregivers. It also can be difficult to decide if more advanced care is needed, whereas the level of care can be increased in an assisted living community as needed. 

Assisted living offers the advantages of a close-knit community that often feels like a welcoming neighborhood. Having fewer worries makes each day more pleasant.  

Assisted Living the Peregrine Senior Living Way

When it comes to maintaining as much independence as possible, while also getting the support needed for daily tasks, Peregrine Senior Living goes beyond the basics of daily living, transportation, and medication management. We focus our attention on helping residents find personal growth at any stage of retirement. We encourage you to experience the Peregrine difference for yourself.  Contact us to learn more or schedule a tour today.

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Stephen Sarsfield Bowman

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