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Top 10 Things to Look for in Senior Living Communities

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Once you’ve made the decision to make the move to a carefree, full-service lifestyle, you’ll want to sit down and make a list of what matters most to you, in terms of comfort, convenience, location, activities, and more. Don’t let it overwhelm you, just think about what you enjoy most, and what new things you might want to try. Senior living communities offer an impressive array of benefits—and when you are still healthy and independent, it’s a perfect time to make the move. 

Here are 10 things to look for:

The right location. Considering the senior living communities in your area. Which ones are close to your physicians or preferred medical facility? Do you like the neighborhood? Is it convenient for your family and friends to come visit? Are there certain restaurants or services nearby that you frequent often?  

Variety of residences. Do you have several floor plans from which to choose? Is there enough storage? Many senior living communities offer residences with a balcony or porch. Check out the views. Also, take a look at how far away your residence is from the dining room and other common areas.

A lifestyle that matches your pace. Most retirement communities offer a vibrant social calendar filled with daily activities and special events. See if they provide transportation for special outings on a regular basis. In general, look for a senior living community that “feels” right when you walk in.

Dining that satisfies. Be sure you have at least one meal in the senior living communities you visit. Do they accommodate special diets? Are local ingredients used when possible? Does the menu offer enough options and flexibility? Is the service friendly and prompt? Mealtimes can be special, so take the time to experience how it feels in a particular community.

Comprehensive health and wellness services. Some senior living communities are designed primarily for independent living, while others also can include supportive services. Many have wellness programs that are geared to help residents pursue lifelong wellness through programs, counseling and other services. Find out what levels of care are offered. 

Friendly people. Pay attention when you visit. Are you greeted with a smile? Do people seem happy and content? Genuine hospitality is something you will appreciate for years to come, and today’s senior living communities are embracing that as never before.

Clear financial details. Be sure you understand what is covered in the monthly fee, what is covered in the contract, and any other details you need. Look for transparency in terms of ownership and management. 

Good maintenance. Pay attention to the landscaping, the entrance, and the interior hallways and commons areas. Does the décor look updated? Are safety features in place? 

A place for Fido or Fluffy. If having a pet is important to you, ask for details on the pet policy. Some senior living communities restrict the size of a pet. Some have designated walking areas. Find out the rules in advance so there’s no disappointment later.

Access to the outdoors. Fresh air is good for you, and might be something you take for granted if you’re presently living in a residential area. Walk around the grounds of any community you are considering. Is access to the outdoors easy and safe? Are any events held outdoors regularly? Can you find peaceful spots for moments of relaxation? Take a breath of air—this might be the place!

Get the Most from Retirement at Peregrine Senior Living

If you are looking for ways to get more out of your retirement years, consider the advantages of independent living at Peregrine Senior Living. We support our residents through every stage of retirement and help them to empower themselves in a way that redefines aging.

Learn more about what our senior living community has to offer and contact us today at 315-476-5610 to schedule a tour of one of our communities.

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